Bullet point letter template to politicans / the media regarding stopping a tyrranical second Covid 19 lockdown

Dear democratic representative / media person,

I hope you can have time to consider and hopefully act on the following points. This is incredibly important for all our futures and for human liberty and I kindly urge you to keep an open and objective mind whilst considering them, as I know you always do. I’ve included links where you can find our further information and evidence to go with the points made here:

1.. The infection fatality ratio of corona is on par with flu. Any danger is no greater than that of many other viruses.

2. There is increasingly little if any science and rational discussion to justify the lockdown measures and overall sense of global panic.

3. During the Corona crisis, the UK state as well as the mainstream media have shown themselves to be the biggest producers of Fake News and of fear and confusion.

4. The Corona Virus Act is one of the most draconian, disproportionate and dangerous laws ever passed in the UK state and was passed very quickly and without any proper chance for parliamentary scrutiny in either the UK, Welsh or Scottish Parliaments.

5. We hear constant anti-Tory rhetoric from many including most political parties. Yet these are all unquestiongly following everything the UK Conservative party say regarding Covid. There is nearly no dissenting voices or crucial scrutiny from elected politicians regarding the taking away of our liberties. And when our basic freedoms and liberties are taken away most say nothing and even call for more of it.

6. There’s substantial evidence masks won’t prevent people getting sick and also evidence they could be harmful, causing hypercapnia, an excess of CO2 in the blood caused by re-breathing our own air and also exacerbate chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder and perhaps other respiratory issues.

7. One of the reasons why there are more reported cases (but not rising deaths figures) now is because a great many people have now had the test. However there is a growing amount of evidence that the PCR test is also flawed and creates false positives. There’s no way to distinguish people who are testing positive because they have ongoing infection or whether they’ve had a previous infection and are no longer infectious. The genetic material taken in the test could be from a common cold or other. Lockdown is therefore meaningless, is draconian and tyrannical and is as a serious threat to health and human liberty. As are the tyrannical track and trace system and any plan for enforced vaccines.

8. According to the UK Government itself, as of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) in the UK:  https://www.gov.uk/guidance/high-consequence-infectious-diseases-hcid

9. It’s well documented by now how UK government have advised medical staff that they could note Covid as cause of death even if they merely suspect that’s what it was – creating a false and magnified sense of Covid cases. The recording of COVID-19 deaths have been being inflated. Distinction between those dying with COVID-19 and of COVID-19 are seemingly blurred, breaking established medical protocols. This gives an incorrect assessment of danger that this virus poses.The below quote comes from UK government guidance for doctors giving cause of death certificates. The report is titled ‘Guidance for doctors completing Medical Certificates of Cause of Death in England and Wales’:

10. There’s massive concern about who might really be influencing UK policy in regards to the Covid 19 response, in particular SAGE, GAVI, CEPI, Imperial College London and others. As reported by Vanessa Beeley, UK Column and many others, Chris Whitty, the current UK Government’s Chief Medical Advisor, was working as a Director and Principal Investigator at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine when they received Gates funding in 2008: $40m for malaria research in Africa. The fact that Whitty was involved in the kick-start of CEPI, Gates’ immunisation monopoly project, should therefore not come as a huge surprise. Chris Whitty was on the interim board of CEPI until the permanent board was announced in 2018. Chris Whitty then went on to become UK Government’s Chief Medical Advisor. Should we be surprised that the UK Government has invested £50 million in CEPI while being advised by Whitty?

Not only was Chris Whitty previously sponsored by Bill Gates and on the interim board of CEPI; he now chairs the UK Vaccine Network (UK VN). The UK VN brings together “industry, academia and relevant funding bodies to make targeted investments in specific vaccines and vaccine technology for infectious diseases with the potential to cause an epidemic”. The UK Vaccine Network provides funding for vaccine development programmes. Projects supported by the DHSC through the UK Vaccine Network are listed here. Under Chris Whitty’s administration — Whitty is co-lead for the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) — the NIHR and UK Research and Innovation are giving another £20 million to CEPI for Covid–19 vaccine development. This is in addition to the £50 million already given by the UK Government to CEPI.

This is just the example of one person of course but sadly he is no exception. There is obviously a huge conflict of interest going on here in my opinion and the opinion of countless other very concerned researchers and citizens.

The below links deal specifically with who allegedly controls or unduly influences the UK government in this matter:



Finally, I very much hope you can now keep doing the right thing and speak out. It has to be asked as an abstract question – what is the point of any democratic representative or a free media if he, she or they are not prepared to speak out to defend basic and fundamental human liberties of the people he, she or they represent, from tyranny?

I very much hope you can look in to this and help to stop this emerging tyranny.



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