Forget Westminster, forget Brussels and forget the sham of globalism. Welsh, English and Scottish freedom awaits

by Gruffydd Meredith

Forget Westminster, forget Brussels and forget the sham of globalism. The Welsh Government should now start discussing independence from all of these failed globalist institutions and ideologies.

It’s by now pointless to keep protesting at the inability of Westminster to sort itself out. The corruption, the cronyism, the punch and judy alleged ‘two party system’ sham and the lack of respect and equality  shown to all the nations of this island of Britain will not change.

Whether you think the UK Government has massively over-recated to Covid 19 or not reacted enough, the situation seems to be that basic democratic trust in this dinosaur like institution has simply gone.

And with he recent and ongoing Covid 19 debacle and the resulting increasing draconian theft of our basic natural liberties, many are now asking if Westminster is even a democratically accountable government anymore. The Covid 19 hysteria has forced in to the light some serious concerns about who is really pushing the agenda at Westminster, with an increasing amount of people suggesting that there seems to be significant corporate, big pharma and globalist control or manipulation of Westminster which has rendered even the pretence of government or accountability obsolete.

Either way, Westminster is a sinking ship, it’s gone. Those that want Wales to be run by Westminster as much or more than it is now are akin to rats making running jumps from a jetty in to a burning, sinking boat slipping away from its moorings.

And if the Covid 19 hysteria has taught us anything, it’s that global governance and a world without countries / borders simply doesn’t work. As a commentator on the internet once said: ‘Centralizing power broadens the impact of failure’. As sovereign independent nations, the world is diversified, stable and answerable to the country, to its people and to its unique needs.

The silly anti and pro Westminster squabbling is over and pointless. Those that continue with it know it’s pointlesss. Wales doesn’t, in theory, need to worry about what mess Westminster is in or its obvious inability to sort itself out. The same applies to Brussels, the unelected UN, WHO, UNICEF or any other globalist body who are desperately trying to push their globalist agenda on any government that will listen.

We don’t need anyone from any of these places telling us how we can run our own country. Wales can and will free itself from this burden and set its own narrative in the world once more.

The Welsh Government and all Senedd  members really are in a position to discuss real freedom from Westminster, from the UK state and from globalist tyranny. An UDI, an Unilateral Declaration of Independence, is now not only an an option but likely a neccesity. And the same opportunities for independence and self expression are also in the hands of the English and Scottish and numerous nations around the world tied to corrupt, unaccountable, rotting, globalist states. Freedom awaits.

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