About The Sovereigner

The Sovereigner is a news and opinion site with an emphasis on the real sovereignty of Wales and all nations on earth, and the inherent and neccessary right to reject the increasing attempts at a globalist dicatorship under a one world government, censorship, and the curtailing of freedom of speech and freedom of thought.

The site comes at things from a Welsh angle, that is from the country of Cymru (Wales) – a country which has always fought for freedom and sovereignty for ourselves as well as for all other nations on earth.

This site is not ideologically bogged down by the tired left right paradigm but rather deals with each issue on its own merit.

The Sovereigner believes that all nations should celebrate their differences and sovereignty as part of the family of nations on earth.

Any corrections or suggestions are welcomed.

Please contact by emailing: sovereignwales (at) hotmail.co.uk