Independent Welsh press/news/media/investigative and opinion websites

Jac o the North
Ein Gwlad News portal
Oggy Bloggy Ogwr
Senedd Home
State of Wales
Bella Gwalia
Caerphilly Observer
The Pembrokeshire Herald
Sovereign Wales
Y Cymro
The Sovereigner
Big Gee’s Blog
Golwg 360
Parallel Cymru
O’r Pedwar Gwynt
Rebecca Television
Radio Beca
Desolation Radio
Yes Cymru Radio


Independent World Press/Media

Information Clearing House
21st Century Wire
Tap News Wire
Global Research
Craig Murray
Windows on the World
The Corbett Report
The National
Counter Punch
Dissident Voice
Wings Over Scotland
Bella Caledonia
UK Column


Wales mainstream news sources owned by non Wales based UK companies

Wales Online
Daily Post
Cambrian News
Shropshire Star
South Wales Argus
North Wales Chronicle
The (Wrexham) Leader


Others various sites of interest

Yes Cymru

Cutting Through The
Daily Wales archive site
Post Sustainalbily Institute
Common Purpose Exposed
Stop Wylfa
Positive Money
Campaign for an English Parliament
CND Cymru
Arrest Blair
Canolfan Bedwyr
Plain English
Celtic League


Welsh Political parties

Plaid Cymru
Llais Gwynedd
Ein Gwlad
Cymru Sovereign
Abolish the Welsh Assembly


Parliament members in Wales, Westminster and EU

List of all Welsh Parliament Members in Cardiff bay
List of all Welsh Uk Parliament members in Westminster
List of Welsh European Union Members


Other political parties in Britain and beyond

English Democrats
Meybon Kernow (Cernyw/Cornwall)
Mec Vannin (Ynys Manaw/Manx))
SNP – Scottish National Party
Scottish Libertarian Party
Adsav (Llydaw/Brittany)
Irexit – Freedom to Prosper Party
National Party (Iwerddon/Ireland)
Breton party
The Pirate party
The Christian Party
Democratic Republican Party


United Kingdom Unionist parties in Wales

UK Labour in Wales
UK Conservatives in Wales
UK Liberal Democrats in Wales
UK UKIP in Wales
UK Green Party in Wales
UK Communist Party in Wales


Governmental links for Britain and its nations

Welsh Government
Senedd/Welsh Parliament
Senedd TV
Welsh Assembly You Tube
Welsh Government You Tube
Welsh Local Government Authorities
Scottish Government
Scottish Parliament
Northern Ireland Government
Northern Ireland Assembly
Uk Government
UK Westminster Parliament