Parents and citizens should not consent to the giving of experimental vaccines to 12-15 year olds in Wales and beyond

by Gruff Meredith

There is a moral duty to protect children, young people and everyone else from being pressurised or coerced to take any experimental Covid-19 vaccine.

The No More Lockdowns party, which stood in the 2021 Welsh Senedd elections, are calling to stop the dangerous, unscientific lunacy of giving experimental vaccines to children. We believe that parents and all citizens have a duty to protect children especially, and to revolt and stop any pushing or coercing of any experimental vaccine until the children can decide for themselves and make their own informed choice as adults.

The No More Lockdowns Wales party is the first Welsh party to stand against any coerced or enforced experimental vaccines for children and adults (including any additional Covid-19 vaccine boosters ), as well as the first Welsh party to oppose enforced masks, vaccine passports and all lockdown policies and restrictions of our essential rights and freedoms.

According to HART (Health Advisory Recovery Team) and other experts, the vaccine trials have thus far excluded children. Effects of the vaccine on children especially are therefore completely unknown:

There is also a great deal of ambiguity and confusion whether Covid-19 vaccines are fully licensed and fully approved or not for use in children or adults – or whether they are presently only authorised ‘under emergency use’ or ‘Emergency Use Authorization’ (EUA) or not.

As well as the essential rights of adult individuals to be able decide whether they want to take any vaccine or not, as mentioned, the vaccines are experimental and have not had enough time to be properly tested – the clinical trials are still going on and therefore medium to long-term vaccine efficacy is unknown.

And we have no idea what potentially harmful effects may result for all those who have taken them. This includes the unknowable risks associated with shedding, mRNA technology and potential mutations that many experts are warning about for those that have taken the experimental vaccines.

And according to numerous experts such as Doctors for Covid Ethics, none of the vaccine trials have provided any evidence that vaccination prevents transmission of SARS-CoV-2 by vaccinated individuals. And the risk reduction of taking the vaccine is ‘clinically insignificant’: .This is all deeply dangerous and unscientific and goes against the scientific precautionary principle. As expressed by numerous virologists and experts, the results of this experiment may well be catastrophic for humanity.

Although it’s been ignored in the mainstream media, as of March 2020, Public Health England and the UK government no longer consider Covid-19 to be a High Consequence Infectious Disease in the UK (HCID).

The illness presently appears to be similar to any normal influenza/seasonal flu. The median survival rate for Covid-19 is 99.77% according to the World Health Organisation. This is for a flu like illness that around 5% may get every year. This is not a pandemic as it presently stands. So why is this experimental vaccine being pushed on all people including healthy people and children?

Any coercing or potential mandatory pushing of vaccines is also unlawful and could be contravening internationally agreed protocols such as the Nuremburg code designed to prevent governments ever repeating medical atrocities practised in the past. The pushing of experimental vaccines on people without warning them of the potential harmful effects and without having their informed consent also contravenes the Hippocratic oath of ethics taken by medical professionals.

PCR testing have also been found to be utterly unreliable and not fit for purpose for determining SARS-CoV-2 specifically – as stated by the person that designed the testing system, Kary Mullis. Even Boris Johnson admitted that 93% of PCR tests will produce false positives.

And the Big Pharma companies appear to have no legal liability for any potential injuries or worse that could occur. Will whoever’s administering any experimental vaccines therefore be happy to be liable for any potential injuries or worse?

If elected politicians and the mainstream media won’t speak out as they should, non politicians will need to do politics and be their own media. It’s time for we the people to say ‘We do not consent’. We have to protect and stop both young and older people from being experimented on. If we don’t stop this media driven tyranny there won’t be any liberty or future for Wales and its people or for any other people.

Many adults have chosen to take these vaccines but we can stop the younger generations especially from being pressurised or coerced to take them without being able to make their own informed choice. We have a moral duty to warn everyone of the dangers whilst encouraging parents to protect their children from the taking of any experimental substance.

The priority now must be to stop all governments from pushing these experimental vaccines – and to also reverse the draconian vaccine passports and the restrictions on our fundamental human rights that have been forced through by the corrupt or misled law makers via the dreaded Coronavirus Act. All of these things could take humanity to a very dark place unless stopped.

Facts not fear, freedom not tyranny.

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