‘Children and young people shouldn’t be subjected to experimental vaccines. We have a moral duty to protect them and to stop this looming fascism from taking hold’

by Gruffydd Meredith

We as the No More Lockdowns party would like to say thank you to every single person who went out to vote for the No More Lockdowns party during the recent 2021 Welsh Senedd elections.

We stood in the south Wales east and south Wales central regions as well as the constituency of Aberconwy. And we stood on the principles of sovereignty, on protecting the essential freedoms and rights of the people of Wales and to stop any further draconian restrictions and coerced or mandatory experimental vaccines now and in the future.

We won 1,446 votes (ahead of three other parties) in the south east region of Wales where myself stood, 1,298 votes (ahead of five other parties) in the south Wales central region and 246 in the constituency of Aberconwy.

Each vote we received represents hope and liberty for Wales and its people, and all people elsewhere as well. We were also very pleased to have won a regional seat in the recent first ever parallel Senedd election for young people aged 11-15.

Sadly, the mainstream media in Wales seemed mostly unable to bring thesmelves to even mention the party name as part of their remit to give a non bias information service during election time even though they mentioned other parties who received far fewer votes than us. Given the uniformity of the pro lockdowns media perhaps this is not much of a suprise.

As of March 2020, Public Health England and the UK government no longer consider Covid-19 to be a high consequence infectious disease in the UK. Has any mainstream media or politician informed you of this?

The illness presently appears to be similar to any normal influenza/seasonal flue. The median survival rate for Covid-19 is 99.77% according to the World Health Organisation. This is for a flue like illnes illness that around 5-6% may get every year. This is not a pandemic as it presently stands. So why is this vaccine being pushed on all people including healthy people and children?

The vaccines being pushed on everyone for this virus, including perfectly healthy people and children, are experimental as well as being unneeded, and have not had enough time to be properly tested – we have no idea what potentially harmful effects may result for all those who have taken them. This includes the unknowable risks associated with shedding, mRNA technology and mutations that many experts are warning about for those that have taken the experimental vaccines. This is deeply dangerous and unscientific and goes against the scientific precautionary principle. As expressed by numerous virologists and experts, the results of this experiment may well be catastrophic for humanity.

The coercement or potential mandatory pushing of vaccines are also highly unlawful, contravening internationally agreed protocols such as the Nuremburg code designed to prevent governments ever repeating medical atrocities practised in the past. The right to personal choice has to be protected. And the pushing of experimental vaccines on people without warning them of the potential harmful effects and without having their informed consent also contravenes the Hippocratic oath of ethics taken by medical professionals.

Many adults have chosen to take these experimental vaccines but we can stop the younger generations from being pressurised to take them without being able to make their own informed choice. We have a moral duty to warn of the dangers and to encourage parents to protect their children from the taking of any experimental substance.

The draconian global Covid-19 response is another declaration of war on we the people and is increasingly believed to be part of a plan or conspiracy for a one world government and technocratic medical, technological and pharmalogical fascism. Please research the Great Reset, Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 for more, and to try and understand the bigger picture. This sadly cannot be ignored or dismissed as a conspiracy theory any more.

It’s already being implied by governments that there will be more lockdowns/restrictions in the coming months or even years. Up to 3 million Covid marshals could be in place until 2023 despite alleged plans to end restrictions this year.

There will likely be attempts at further cruel trickery by the corporate globalists too. Cruelly, the inherent goodwill and empathy for others that most people have will continue to be weaponised as a weapon against themselves and to enslave themselves and others. And those who raise legitimate concerns about the vaccines will likely be blamed for further alleged outbreaks and further ‘othered’, demonised and called the usual inane names by the authorities and the mass media, creating more division, hate and confusion as seen in dark chapters of recent world history.

But the push back against this globalist agenda has started. It’s time for non politicians to do politics and to be their own media. It’s time for we the people to say ‘We do not consent’. If we don’t stop this media driven tyranny there won’t be any liberty or future for Wales and its people or for any other people. The priority now must be to stop all governments from carrying out yet more draconian lockdowns in the months or years to come, and reverse restrictions that have been laid down by the corrupt or misled law makers. And to stop the experimental vaccines and draconian passports which will take humanity to a very dark place unless stopped.

Please also research far and wide and realise that mainstream media and governments are lying to us and deceiving us on a large scale. You owe it, if not to yourselves, to future generations, to find out the truth

We need facts not fear, freedom not tyranny. Ffeithiau nid ofn, rhyddid nid gormes. And remember, when tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes a duty.

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