New party to end all all lockdowns and restrictions in Wales now and in the future to stand in Senedd elections

A new party has declared its intentions to stand in the Senedd 2021 elections. The party, called No More Lockdowns, are now a registered party with the Electoral Commission.

Who they are and what they’re about:

The party describes themselves as ‘a group of concerned citizens alarmed by destructive lockdown policies and irrational fear-mongering supported by power-mad politicians across the board.’

They further state that peer reviewed studies clearly show that Covid-19 is not even close to as dangerous as first feared, with a 99.95% to 99.8% survival rate. They also emphasise that Public Health England removed Covid-19 from the High Consequence Diseases list on 19 March 2020 so it is now in the same category as the flu.

Some of their policies are as follows:

  • End all lockdowns and the restrictions of our essential rights and freedoms, and return life to normal.
  • Help all Welsh businesses to safely reopen.
  • Stop all coerced medical interventions on people, both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical and including masks, vaccines and vaccine passports These choices should be voluntary and up to the individual to decide.
  • Return to the well-established sensible Pandemic Preparedness Strategy which underscores the importance of disrupting normal life as little as possible.
  • Respect people’s rights to make their own risk-assessments and act accordingly.
  • Respect our inalienable human rights including: freedom of speech and thought, freedom of movement, and freedom of assembly and association.
  • Push back against the creeping surveillance state and censorship undermining democracy and threatening our fundamental rights and freedoms.

The party also have a Crowdfunder page going and are asking for donations in their Senedd election campaign. The crowdfunder can be seen here:

For more details about the party and their manifesto and policies in more detail please visit

The party twitter handle is @NoMorelocdowns and the twitter link is:

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