‘We The People’ Wales Group Publishes Charter For Democracy And Freedom, And For A Public Broadcaster Controlled By The People

We the people – a Welsh group concerned with ensuring Wales ‘ people have a real say in democracy, have published a charter for democracy and freedom which includes calls for a public broadcaster controlled by the people.

The group calls for the following three pillars and descriptions to underpin its vision:

1. Freedom of Speech. Guaranteed Freedom of Speech for all and the right to hold, express and debate different opinions and ideas in public.

2. A public platform to include a public broadcaster controlled by the people where all ideas can be shared and debated so that citizens are fully informed. Mainstream media controlled by a small group of large corporations with their own agendas cannot provide that full information and debate. Democracies need a public broadcaster controlled by the people for the people where the widest range of opinions and ideas can be shared and debated. (Laws against libel and slander and incitement to violence would still apply).

3. Every citizen having an equal vote in determining government policy and measures. Democracy cannot function where citizens’ role is to vote every 4 or 5 years for one or the other ideological group (aka political parties) to control us behind closed doors. This current system makes a mockery of democracy. Democracy functions when all citizens not only have a voice but a vote on decisions that affect our individual and collective lives. Modern information and blockchain technologies makes this relatively easy to implement while safeguarding the security, privacy and anonymity of those who participate. What decisions will be subject to national or local votes and what decisions are best made by the civil service without democratic input can be debated and decided upon – by all citizens.

The We The People group add that “the exact details of how genuine democracy and the preservation freedom of speech can be worked out and may change over time using the scientific experimental method. The crucial ingredient is that we all have a say and a vote on how our new system of self-governance works.”

Describing what they see as the failure of the present system and the benefits the charter would bring, the group further add:

We are no longer victims of government policies and decisions but active participants in shaping them.”

The group also expresses that representative democracy is broken beyond repair and needs a democratic reset, “but not the ‘Great Reset’ currently promoted by the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, Extinction Rebellion and various assorted interest groups trying to foist their agendas on us.”

We need a reset of where power and authority rests. All authority comes from consenting citizens. It’s time we got back in the driver’s seat. A nation of sovereign citizens, all of us, with the powers to direct governance based on our own ideas and interests, not based on the interests of Big Corp, Big Finance, Big Pharma and their lapdogs, the politicians, is the real reset needed. Most of us have come to realise that politicians, by and large, are little better than door-to-door salesmen, conning us with promises they have no intention of delivering. It’s plain to see that political parties are part of the problem, not the solution. It’s time to vote them out. All of them. And put we the people back in control of our own lives, where we belong.”

To find out more about the charter visit: https://wethepeople.wales/charter-for-democracy-and-freedom/

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