The NWO – The New World Order – what is it, what does it want and how it can be defeated

by Gruffydd Meredith

New World Order. One World Government. Terms that are increasingly being heard as more people research and question what’s really going on in our world.

The growing concern is simply this; for decades if not centuries, that international corporations, bankers and financiers, together with allegedly philanthropic individuals and organisations, think tanks, the highest elements in secret and covert societies, extremely wealthy and influential families, as well as elements of authorities, NGO’s / non-governmental organizations, bodies and governments all over the world, have all been working and planning together in various ways to try and create a centralised government for the whole world, with one kind of central digital currency, one set of draconian international laws, one new occult / luciferian religion, one armed force, and one central technocratic, technological, scientific, dictatorial and totalitarian rule for the whole world. Or, put simply, a global fascist system.

Humanity has to understand that we have a real fight on our hands and that time is short to stop this from happening. This is essentially a struggle between sovereign nations and those who want to create a single central and totalitarian world government. But it’s also a battle between the individual and the freedom of the individual against extremely dark and subversive powers (the powers behind the powers) that, through the use of technology and oppressive, often pseudo science, wish to control and subjugate us all.

Modern day feudalism?

This could be simplified again by saying that this is essentially a spiritual struggle – between the forces of good and the forces of evil. And I say this and everything else after many years of research into this whole issue – research based on an open mind and a desire for the truth and not on any firm ideology or pre established beliefs.

Although people’s spiritual beliefs and definitions of course vary, many might also further elaborate that this is essentially, and metaphorically perhaps, depending on your beliefs, the most recent battle between the God of this incredible creation that we live in, and lucifer and those fallen angels who are said to have been thrown out of heaven and who together apparently seek control of this creation instead of the great creator. They and their followers.

Such spiritual statements are too much for many, I know – and reactions to such statements are often followed by frustrated exclamations, disappointment or even anger from many when they hear such a thing. But you don’t have to be following any religion or necessarily believe in God to be part of this fight against evil – the struggle is relevant to the future of believers, non-believers, atheists and agnostic people alike – and everyone else too. And we only need to look around the world to see and feel that evil and the theology of evil is manifesting itself more than ever, and often, perhaps more worryingly, without opposition.



So, to get to the point, here is a summary of what many believe are  the globalists’ main goals and attempts for a totalitarian one world government:

1. Destroy the traditional family as the traditional family is a strong core unit capable of protecting individuals, society, the nation, and therefore civilization.

2. Destruction of nations and of nationalism and patriotism in general.

3. Destruction of inheritance rights.

4. Destruction of personal and private property rights.

5. To destroy and create countless complexities and tensions in the natural relationship between man and woman, and to attack the notion of sex itself.

6. Encourage the management of culture through technology and science and push the idea of automation, transhumanism and AI (Artificial Intelligence), the idea of​​ turning people into digital and technological entities that are dependent on and controlled by technology and / or science, including the idea of vaccines and / or a microchip or similar compulsory implant or mark to track, monitor and control everyone.

7. To teach children all kinds of sexuality as young as possible – everything it seems, except for the idea of ‘traditional’ sex and relationships between a man and a woman within a heterosexual relationship or family unit.

8. Undermine the authority of teachers.

9. Mandatory influx of disproportionate immigration on a huge scale in to Europe (and finally worldwide) to destroy the identity and culture of countries and nations, so that no one anywhere in the world can have any unique identity or culture or can fight for it and protect it.

10. Endless wars and fear pushed through the media, and the constant creation of bogeymen and terrorist figures and new threats and injustices manifested in riots, wars, medical issues and pandemics etc. to keep everyone in fear and in anxiety – and therefore easier to manage and direct to the ‘best’ political ‘fields’ or pens

11. Deliberately create divisions and conflict between different groups, cultures and races (using cultural Marxism’s ‘critical race theory’ especially in the context of race) for the purpose of control, subversion and destruction in society (also often generally called political correctness/cultural marxism) and in order to attempt to lay the groundwork for a new one world system.

12. Destroy all official ‘one God’ (the good God) religions, especially Christianity and Christian values, so that the ideology and sentiment behind a new luciferian totalitarianism can be imposed on humanity instead.

13. An unfair legal system which sides with the offenders.

14. Change all the time and in all areas as well as creating more
bureaucracy to create confusion and uncertainty, and to try to destroy morale.

15. Create endless new racial offenses and create similar offences regarding the use of special words in order to control language, expression and freedom of speech generally.

16. Create and encourage a world without borders and a uniform global culture through multinational corporations and institutions, and eliminate the cultural diversity of the countries and nations of the world.

17. As part of the attack on the family, attack women and the core strengths and qualities of femininity by, in particular assaulting and abusing a woman’s personal choice and freedom to raise a family and run the home, as old-fashioned, narrow and ‘oppressed by patriarchy’ – and especially when women are young and at their most fertile. Instead they have encouraged women to become a consumerist unit that is loyal to consumerism, to companies and corporations rather than to their families, husbands and to society and the nation. This also means that the corporations and the state make extra income tax money and that the state has better access to the children so that the state is more able to indoctrinate them from an earlier age. It’s worth noting too, authors such as Ellen Chesler, Peter Johnson and John Ensor Harr, claim that the highly financially successful family organization, the Rockerfellas foundation for example, was extremely supportive in encouraging as many women as possible to work in the United States (and subsequently Britain and the rest of Europe) from the 1960s onwards, as well as helping to promote the ‘sexual revolution’ and the first contraceptive pill by supporting the work of Margaret Sanger and others.

18. As with the point above, attack men and their core strengths, and make out these qualities to be narrow, old-fashioned and ‘inherently oppressive and violent’. And equally, to encourage men to be a ‘consumerist units’, to be loyal to companies and corporations rather than to their families, wives, and to society and the nation.

19. Attack any form of beauty and naturalness in general, including in art and the creative cultures.

20. Encourage euthanasia as moral, acceptable and normal.

21. Encourage dependence on corporations and/or the state as the new head of family.

22. Dumb down everything including the media.

23. Get rid of real physical money and replace it with one type of central digital currency which makes everyone and everything easier to manage, manipulate and monitor.



The globalists use whatever technique or techniques that work to try to reach their goal of absolute control – wherever this may be on the political spectrum – from the extreme left to the extreme right and everywhere in the middle, and using all political campaigns, movements and mindsets – from monopoly capitalism, fascism, neo liberalism and libertarianism, to communism, socialism and anarchism.

And by also using whatever issues help to fulfill this quest for full control – from issues to do with health, food, the environment, safety, race, racial matters and divisions cultures and races (as mentioned, using cultural Marxism’s ‘critical race theory’ especially), forced migration around the world or whatever else may help the end goal of having more control. Not forgetting the power of technology companies, ‘Big Pharma’ and the pharmaceutical, vaccine, industrial military complex and surveillance industry who are trying their best to get their claws into the lives (and bodies) of everyone.

Brock Chisholm, the first director-general of the World Health Organization

And when it comes to money and the creation of money, governments across the earth still bizarrely insist on borrowing more and more from banks and international private entities, enslaving them to more never ending and crippling debt in the process. All of this whilst they could create debt-free or ‘sovereign money‘ as every country is perfectly able and entitled to do – something that’s being promoted by an increasing number of groups and which has also been used successfully throughout history.

It’s also important to realize that these global powers are abusing and manipulating the panic and fear of environmental matters and green issues as a tool to help stimulate demand for world central government, and to seek to control all peoples, all land and all the resources of the world in the process. To fully understand this it helps to read, understand and analyze some of the bibles of the globalists – Agenda 21 / Agenda 2030 and the cult of ‘sustainable development’ in general. American activist Rosa Koire has been especially effective in exposing this agenda as seen in the video below:

When you hear politicians, spokespeople and dignitaries talking about and pushing anything to do with sustainable development, it should be remembered that, whether they realise it or not, they aren’t really talking about real conservation and protecting nature, wildlife or our environment – they are rather talking about an international plan that none of us have asked or voted for, to try to take away our rights and create a single, centralised world government that has control over everyone and everything, over all property and all the world’s resources.

And this global centralised system would likely be one controlled by dictatorial corporations / corporate fascism at the top with us plebs being controlled in a communistic system underneath. The present system in China may give us an idea of how this world government might work if the social engineers get their way in the west. This is arguably the system we are almost already living in in the west already it could be argued.

And to do all of this the globalists need to carry on slowly trying to take away more and more of our freedoms, our basic civil and human rights, our personal possessions and the world’s resources generally, until we are no better than slaves within a dictatorial, technological feudal system, being watched and tracked endlessly by the surveillance state, the Smart cities, AI technology and the tedious ‘internet of things. And, of course, slaves in endless debt servitude to the never ending financial debt system that the globalists have been so carefully cultivating over the centuries, like a gardener cultivating the perfect, ever increasing crop of tomatoes.


Create divisions, divide and conquer, order out of chaos and compartmentilisation

The globalists also specialise in creating divisions and hostilities between as many different people and groups representing as many different interests as possible. Because encouraging different people to fight amongst themselves and to weaken and ‘cancel each other out’, in many cases, makes the work of the globalists easier, and allows them to benefit from these divisions and chaos, and to increase their power and their control as a result – what’s often also dubbed ‘order out of chaos’. All of this whilst encouraging us to increase being useful units of material consumers in our endless digital bubbles.

As well as creating divisions and practising their ‘divide and conquer’ skills, the technique of compartmentalisation is also consistently used. This is where individuals or groups can work within different sections and divisions of an organisation, body or corporation, without a sense of what it is that other departments or individuals are doing within the same body.

This explains how most members of the armed forces, police and secret services are decent, conscientious citizens who have no way of knowing what is truly going on at the top of their organisations.


Problem, reaction, solution / the Hegelian dialectic and False Flags events

Another technique often used is a technique called P.R.S – problem-reaction-solution – also known as the Hegelian dialectic. This is an useful technique used by the globalists and those in power, of deliberately creating a problem in order to present a change that they want to see in the form of the response to that problem. In other words, a trick to introduce change where it was not necessary.

This is also linked to ‘False flags’ campaigns where corrupt or fraudulent powers within governments or organisations allow or organise an attack on their own property or their own country in order to have an excuse to create a reaction and actions to avenge that attack or to bring in the ‘change’ that they wanted to see beforehand. The response then comes by blaming people, groups or countries for the attack and introducing sweeping changes which often involve taking away more still of our freedoms and fundamental rights.

One alleged historical example of a false flag event for example, was the attack on the Reichstag building, the German Bundestag parliament in 1933  – this anonymous attack allgedly enabled Hitler to take away the civil rights of the people of Germany and to bring his dictatorial regime into existence in that country. There are a huge number of other similar events throughout history that people can research..



These powers, with their often occult or luciferian beliefs, have also found their way into the higher levels of all religions, slowly manipulating and guiding these institutions to their globalist and anti-God narrative, and destroying and corrupting them from within in the process.


Bread and circus, politicial correctness / cultural Marxism and the management and manipulation of culture

And in the meantime, while all these sinister agendas are going on in the world, we the plebs are being blinded and wowed by shiny technology, entertainment and sports 24 hours a day, by porn, by endless cookery programs, and by whatever other new fads may arise. This ‘bread and circus’ isn’t new. It’s something that the Romans probably first perfected, before Rome fell under the weight of its own degeneracy and gluttony.

Many globalists also believe that it’s important for them to expose their plans to the world through reports, books, and / or fiction – this is often called ‘Revelation of the method’ and, in the context of films and fiction especially, ‘predictive programming.’

Managing culture, fashion and the media in general is an integral part of this plan of creating a single centralised world government – with full control of most news and current affairs an integral part of this agenda – something that seems to be largely in place already, with most mainstream news groups appearing to have become a generic monolithic block parroting the same globalist narratives, and a ‘free press and media’ now almost a distant memory – when it comes to the mainstream media at least.

As noted, one of the first major things that the globalists have also been, and is attacking, is the traditional family, as the traditional family is a strong fundamental and core unit that can exist independently and where members can look out for each other.

The traditional family can also help to create and maintain the values that help to keep society united. And therefore is a crucial building block of nations, countries and civilization. It seems that, through political correctness / cultural Marxism and other means, the globalists have been working hard for decades / centuries to try and undermine and destroy not only the idea of strong and united traditional families but also all the diverse and unique nations of the world – all in order to make room for one central, mono cultural world system that would inevitably be oppressive and dictatorial.

Most of the current cultural narratives in general comes from the political correctness agenda – also known to many as cultural Marxism – together with its so-called critical theory. This agenda was intentionally formulated at the Frankfurt School in order to subvert and weaponise culture, and it’s been continually pushed through the education system, colleges and universities and through most major media and entertainment in general (films / TV programs, video games, music and the web) across much of the world for many decades now.

As mentioned, the purpose of this agenda is to transform, undermine and control culture in order to help destroy the idea of any stability, of indigenous tradition, of traditional male and female qualities, of the traditional family, of bounded nations and patriotism, and of morality in general, by destroying and undermining these things through a culture of hyper identity politics and reactionary wokery that has been increasing in prominence and extremism since the sixties of the last century in particular. This is intended to destroy all the norms of society in order to make people easier to manage and direct them away from the unique culture of their own country or nation, and towards one uniform, homogenous, international culture. Race baiting, racial division and racial tensions are also a crucial part of this and this element is intended to be used to eventually attack and undermine all races, be they white, black, Asian or other.


Modern feminism and trans issues

As mentioned, the basic and natural elements of man and woman and the relationship between them are also continually attacked by the plan for central world government. It appears that globalists and international financiers have been behind much if not most of the feminist campaigns. This, it’s believed, is in an attempt to destroy the natural symbiosis that has existed between man and woman since the beginning of time. And by doing so, to undermine society and civilisation and to throw it into a state of chaos from which they can try and assert their own twisted order.

As one of their main intents seems to be to destroy the traditional family, the international corporations and media have been relentlessly attacking women and the core strengths and natural qualities of femininity through, in particular, attacking and denigrating a woman’s choice and personal freedom to raise a family and run the home if she so wishes. This has been attempted to be painted as something old-fashioned, narrow, uncool and ‘oppressed by patriarchy’ and this denigration seems to be especially targeted at women when they are young and at their most fertile, thus leading many away from starting traditional families.

More income tax and more consumerism is also created by getting more women away from their homes and family, in to work and giving their allegiance to multinational corporations instead. The same principle applies when it comes to trying to destroy traditional male virtues and their family allegiance too.

And now even those basic and just rights of equality for a woman and man under the law that most people seem to support and that have been rightly fought for, are threatened by the latest issue of trans matters. Whatever your views on the subject, this latest issue has shown that the fundamental rights of a biological woman or man to privacy and to even define themselves or others as a factual, biological man or woman, is under threat. On top of this madness, there’s an attempt by the authorities to force all of us to make false biological descriptions of others that we know to be biologically untrue or risk being arrested for ‘talking or inciting hatred’ if we refuse.

Of course everyone has the right to be treated with respect, understanding and care whatever their situation or sexual tendencies. And all people are free to express themselves, their sexuality and to wear whatever they want as long as they keep to the common law and don’t hurt anyone.

But whatever the differening views, there’s a fundamental difference between a person’s sexuality and a person’s biological sex. There are plenty of experts in the world who can present this evidence better than I I’m sure but the simple fact is that the difference in both sexes is a fundamental biological fact – with a biological woman having the XX chromosomes and a biological man having the XY chromosomes – with a very small number of hermaphrodites (or intersex people) with chromosomal markers and / or various sexual organs also existing as an exception to the norm – between 0.018% and 1.7% of the population it seems, depending on the differening medical opinions in terms of definitions etc. And yes there is a norm in nature – and to say that is not to disregard, ignore or denigrate exceptions to the norm.

But simple facts such as the basic biology of humans can’t be changed, no matter how much shouting is done to the contrary – and in spite of all the dystopian genetics and eugenics doctors who love to try and play God and who want to try and create a new type of anti humanity it seems.

And no one has the right to insist that others accept whatever they believe to be fact – especially when it comes to insisting, against basic biological fact, that others use biological descriptions of them that are factually incorrect.

But even trans issues will soon be making room for the latest issue to be pushed by the globalists – the very real and dangerous issue of transhumanism, AI / Artificial Intelligence and automation, which is the latest obsesssive fetish of the creepball globalists to try and give human rights to robots and to try and combine human beings with machines and the latest technology in order to create a ‘new AI people’


Technology / Artificial Intelligence / Transhumanism / ID2020 / Scientism and the fourth industrial revolution.

Transhumanism, AI / Artificial Intelligence and automation are other real dangers that the globalists are increasingly pushing in order to try to give robots ‘human rights’ and also to combine us humans with machines and the latest technology in order to create ‘new AI people’, with microchips implanted in brains and our bodies and the possibility of ‘downloadable personas’.

Their belief it seems, is that we are all simply materialistic machines anyway, with no soul and no spiritual / divine spark – because there is no divinity or higher spiritual order in their view – not of the good kind at least. Once again, the aim is to undermine society, humanity and civilisation as we know them, to gain power and control and to create a globalised technocratic one-world system where the latest technology combined with ‘scientists’ or scientism rule us all.

It’s now also being increasingly discussed that the attack on agriculture and the countryside is also part of the plan to try to move the population from the countryside into the cities and urban areas. The eventual intention is seems, is to be able to monitor everyone in digital ‘Smart grid’ cities, with 5G + masts and wireless technology together with the tedious ‘internet of things’ a vital part of this despotic scheme.

Some authorities are already wildly talking about 6G and 7G even though cities and countries around the world are already starting to ban 5G because of concerns about their potential impact on health and the environment.

Tracking and monitoring may also be connected to the extensive roll out of 5G. And it may also be that ID2020 could be one example of a planned extensive tracking programme. ID2020 is a programme allegedly intended to try and urge every person in the world to have a tracking ID chip that includes a ‘digital passport’ so that everyone can be tracked wherever they are in the world. This, it’s alleged, may also possibly be linked with alleged pandemics (or potentially extremelly draconian responses to these alleged pandemics) and also with mobile/wireless technologies such as a 5G.

The other purpose of this tracking scheme for all, it’s claimed, is so that the ‘authorities’ can see the financial and other personal information of each person that would be contained within the chip, and therefore possibly have the ability to control and monitor ( and therefore manipulating or stop if they wanted) each individual’s money. Again, China is already using similar systems linked to mobile phones.

It’s believed that this goes hand in hand with the drive by the globalists to try to make real ‘hold in your hand’ money/cash obsolete, and to replace tangible cash with a digital only system that would be interwoven with a system which would hold other personal information about each person – thus, as mentioned, money or other ‘privilages or rights’ could be added, removed or witheld by the authorities via these chips if they so wished, and if we the people allow them to do this.

As also mentioned, this seems to be part of the ‘Smart grid’ schemes where attempts may be made to coerce people from the countryside in to ‘Smart cities’ where everything and everyone is connected digitally through 5G + masts, and are therefore easier to control and monitor through the new Orwellian surveillance state – through facial recognition technology, RFID chips and Artificial Intelligence technology.

To add to this tedious control freakery, pharmaceutical products and foods (and therefore nutrients/vitamins etc.) would also likely be carefully controlled and administered from a central point. This is also the scientific dictatorship model as described by Bertrand Russell, Aldous Huxley  and others. In other words, an aspiration for horrific totalitarianism in my view.

There also appears to be an agreement that pandemics involving diseases and viruses – both real and alleged, can be used as another way to bring in a system of control. Or more precisely, the draconian response to these things. Another fetish of the globalists it seems is the idea of a vaccine that can be imposed on everyone in the wake of an alleged virus for example, and that such a vaccine may not only have dubious effects in terms of health and our DNA but can also potentially be connected to an Orwellian digital ID and tracking scheme (such as is alleged by many in regards to the ID2020 programme previously mentioned).

Not all drugs or vaccines are bad of course – many are essential for many and can save lives. But this does not mean that all drugs and vaccines are good or used for good either.


Replacement migration and global compulsory migration programmes for the world

Another way of trying to create a totalitarian one world government is by forced migration and the moving of people around on a massive scale across the world. For many years now the European Union, in conjunction with the United Nations and others, have seemingly been pushing and promoting a horrific program called ‘Replacement migration’ – a programme to encourage and promote migration and multiculturalism without question from outside of Europe in to Europe.

As documented by EU and UN documents and reports, at least 56 million people, most likely from the African continent and the middle east, ‘should’ or ‘could’ be encouraged to migrate in to Europe by 2050.

This is a programme that appears to be supported by various international agencies that seem to be working in various partnerships such as the International Organization for Migration, Global Migration Group, The Africa-EU Partnership, World Bank, and under the umbrella of the international cult known as Sustainable Development or Agenda 21 / Agenda 2030. In other models of the United Nations this figure of inward migration is even higher with 79 million, 153 million or even 673 million potential new people to come by 2050.

This migration modelling is being promoted and pushed openly by the United Nations as well as the European Union and can be found on their websites and in their reports. In my view it’s hard to see how this kind of modelling can’t be described as a form of ethnic cleansing modelling – it’s surely set out coldly and clinically in the title ‘Replacement Migration’?

As Frans Timmermans and a huge number of officials and authorities across Europe have also pointed out, the vast majority of those entering Europe are economic and therefore illegal immigrants, and not asylum seekers as our mainstream media have tried to claim. Timmermans himself admitted that this figure is at least 60% but it’s assumed that this figure is closer to 80, 90% or even 100% in many cases, for example in areas of Italy.

It’s often difficult to really blame or judge those who choose to migrate in their search for a better quality of life, whether legal or not. And genuine asylum seekers fleeing wars often created by Western / NATO countries should expect our sympathy and support, and obtain refuge in the nearest safe country or countries as protected by international law.

And in addition, any person of any ethnicity, background or race should of course be free to choose to be or settle with whichever partner they wish, in accordance with the country’s citizenship laws.

But things are not quite that simple. Few understand that we have political leaders and planners who appear to be trying to create and use immigration and the forced movement of people on a massive scale, for their own globalisation fantasy.

It’s an old imperialist technique of moving people from one country or continent to another in order to divide, conquer and control. Edward the 1st for example, tried this technique in the 13th century to drive large numbers of Saxons into Welsh towns with the aim of trying to push the Welsh out to the outskirts.

And it’s clear that not everyone has consistency when it comes to racism. Personally I’m against racism towards any people or race, and when there is persecution against people of darker skin colour for example, most people rightly speak out against it. But if the same standards and principles of speaking out against racism against white / Caucasian and the indigenous peoples of Europe (an ethnic minority of around 11.5% in the world according to the ‘Worldometer’ site) then suddenly the rules change and all of a sudden, those who speak out against such intolerance and racism are the ones being attacked for being ‘racist extremists’.

This is worth emphasizing and repeating many times. The politically correct agenda has been so successful that those who speak out against all racism, including anti white racism and the global imperialist colonialisation of Europe, are the ones that are attacked for being ‘racist extremists’. Mental gymnastics indeed.

We can look at it from another point of view as well. If millions of white Europeans were encouraged, facilitated and paid to flow into Sierra Leon, Sri Lanka or Japan on a massive scale, and to deliberately colonise these countries, transforming their demographics and cultures forever in the process, I would be the first to protest and oppose such an immoral and unlawful thing. I think the same thing about those from the middle east and Africa who are encouraged and apparently also often paid to colonise European countries deliberately and on a massive scale, transforming the demographics and cultures of these countries for ever. This is also immoral and unlawful.

And non white citizens of European countries who have been in Europe for a generation or more are also facing the same transformation and serious threat to their way of life, their heritage and their European nation of choice. But their voice is also ignored as if it doesn’t exist. The media can’t have non white European citizens messing up their narrative that the indigenous Europeans are all evil white supremacist nazis that are to blame for almost everything you can think of and, as a well known American celebrity once tolerantly declared, many of which simply ‘have  to die’.

And no, the replacement plan doesn’t seem to apply to only Europe. The policy of enforcing immigration and thus enforcing diversity and multiculturalism, will not stop with Europe it seems. It would appear that the globalist elite in the European Union and beyond want to make it clear that they want to see this happening to all peoples and all races around the world. In 2019, Frans Timmermans, the European Commission’s deputy president, also declared the following when ironically addressing the European Union’s panel on ‘human rights’:

“Diversity comes with challenges but diversity is humanity’s destiny. There is not going to be, even in the remotest places of this planet, a nation that will not see diversity in it’s future. That’s where humanity is heading and those politicians trying to sell to their electorates a society that is exclusively composed of one culture are trying to portray a future based on a past that never existed–therefore that future will never be.”

Not to forget the crazed rhetoric of Guy Verhofstadt, the European Union’s leading representative on Brexit who, it seems, has also made it pretty clear that a form of one-world imperialism is what he’d like to see and not a family of world nations existing side by side as equals. In a speech this year, the charming Mr Verhofstadt screamed:

“In the world order of tomorrow, the world order of tomorrow is not a world order based on nation states or countries, it’s a world order that is based on Empires”

By imposing diversity / enforced ethnic replacement on the whole world, the globalists are surely clearly describing  what most, I believe, would describe as a horrific desire to see an uniform world where there’s no diversity of peoples, cultures or races. Because by imposing ‘diversity’ on the world, they try to mandate that the beautiful and rich differences of all the different peoples and cultures of the world are not celebrated and protected, but rather forced to become  all the same and therefore to be destroyed.

It would seem that an initial stage of planned globalisation is, at first at least, to try to and create huge empires such as the European Union, north America union, Africa union etc., and then, if successful, most likely merge these into one central unit. It could be argued that the UN, an international non-democratic and non-elected body, is already acting as some form of de facto international government, trying to dictate to countries and individuals how they should act. The fact that it was through the UN that the international Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development plans were formalised gives a great deal of credence to this belief. And whether true or not, many already claim that this unelected body is a ‘world government in waiting’.


The occult and luciferian religious / spiritual element behind one world government

As has already been mentioned, behind all of this, and unbeknownst to many of those involved in the system, there is a very serious religious and spiritual element. But the inspiration here is not positive. That main drive behind this, unfortunately, seems not to be in thrall to the loving God on whose creation and values most of European culture especially, but not exclusively, is based. It would seem that occultism and the belief in the fallen luciferian anti God doctrine seems to be at the heart of this international revolution for a single central world government.

Common sense shows us that something is seriously wrong in the world at the moment and perhaps through much of known history, with extreme hypocrisy and immorality manifesting itself across our world, across most cultures, our medias and our governments, and in bloody wars where millions of innocent people are killed based on lies and deceit created by individuals that the world often doesn’t even know their names.

As mentioned, what’s behind the current struggle in the world I believe is essentially a spiritual battle between good and evil, and what is going on in the world signifies this battle.

From studying and looking at history, it seems that the hidden powers that have been working behind the scenes, against good and against humanity, have been around for a very long time – back to the days of Babylon, of Sodom and Gomorrah and beyond perhaps – a power it seems, that is neither related nor loyal to any nation, race or peoples but which, it’s alleged, works on behalf of and gives allegiance to the dark and destructive powers of the world. Their concern and intention it appears, is absolute control of the whole world and everyone in it.

Sometimes it can be tiresome to have to choose a side, especially where the subject is complex and multi-layered. But not in this case in my view. There should be no doubt that in this case we are asked to choose our side with absolute certainty and without question.


Factual conspiracies, not theoretical conspiracies

I know this all sounds paranoid to many. But conspiracy theory or conspiracy theorist are terms that were apparently created or adopted by the CIA to try to demonize those who ask ‘inconvenient’ questions or those who question the narratives that are constantly being pushed by the mainstream media – a media which is by now mostly controlled by multinational corporations who are desperately trying to keep us in control through their tiresome agenda of lies, deceit, fear and anxiety. An agenda they know people are fast waking up to and rising against.


Notable historians on the globalist plan, and the past and present financial system in general

A huge number of commentators and historians can now be seen and heard denouncing or warning of this apparent intention of creating a one world government by an incredible mixture of powerful corporations and individuals.

Some of the more credible historians on all of this are Antony C Sutton and Bill Clinton’s former teacher, Carrol Quigley. Antony Sutton wrote two particularly relevant historical books on the issue; ‘Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler’ and ‘Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution’. In these important books, Sutton wrote how he had, through meticulous research and investigation, come to the conclusion that the same rotten international financiers and corporate organisations financed both the Bolshevik revolution against Russia as well as funding and supporting the Hitler regime in the 20s and 30s. Sutton and others have also surmised that, unlike the economic and academic mythology taught in unviersities and published and broadcast in the mainstream media, that these international financiers and their peers also supported and encouraged both Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels to write (or act as figureheads for) the communist manifesto, as well as funding the apparently conflicting ideology of ultra capitalism and neo liberalism through much of recent history and the present day.

The notion of neo-liberal ‘totally free markets’ and of the ability for all to have the same equal opportunity to compete and succeed can be said to have some noble aspirations to it at its core. And every day capitalism especially is a crucial part of the lives of most people on earth and can allow people to be rewarded for success, for innovation and for hard work.

But the benefits and opportunities that economic neo-liberalism espouses also leaves it open to abuse and manipulation. Like the cuckoo, the globalist elite have by now made global, transnational neo-liberalism one of their main nests and will simply not allow any strangers in to the nest. So even the neo-liberalism often attributed to globalism is not really really that. Globally, it isn’t a free market open to all at all, it’s the opposite – it’s monopolistic capitalism and corporatism tightly controlled by a few select transnational mega corporations and the financial elite where competition is hated and destroyed at every opportunity.

Like state communism (also known as state capitalism) it is designed to benefit the globalist and elite powers that can monopolise these markets and systems for their own advantage, deliberately eliminating any real healthy competition whilst pretending to follow ideological principles in the process. Yet, as previously mentioned, the only purpose and ambition in all these various systems is absolute control, no matter what system or ideology is used.

The globalist powers, it seems, are therefore very happy for the ‘funding and control of the two sides’ of the alleged enemies – from allegedly pure communism to allegedly pure capitalism, or any other ideologies in between or that seem to be at odds with one another. This is seen time and time again throughout history, with these same international financial elements of the monopoly capitalist milieu (monopoly capitalism and not everyday capitalism as we know it), funding and supporting almost every side of the various wars and movements seen in modern history, and benefiting from the outcome whatever that may be.

As mentioned, many say that these destructive powers have existed as successful / destructive financiers for many thousands of years and go back to the times of Babylon and Sodom and Gomorrah, then becoming Europe’s most successful and destructive funders – from the Venetian merchants and financiers to the financiers of William of Orange and the campaign to establish the Bank of England as a private bank to lend money and to enslave the United Kingdom state and all its nations in endless cripling debt which is still growing today.

Similarly, Carroll Quigley, lecturer and ‘man on the inside’ in governmental affairs in the United States and author of the famous books ‘Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time’ and ‘The Anglo-American Establishment: From Rhodes to Cliveden’, revealed the role and intent of the central bankers of the world to create a single central government. See one of the famous quotes on this from his book ‘Tragedy and Hope’:

“The powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole….…to be controlled in a feudalistic fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert by secret agreements.

Huge numbers of researchers and historians now unquestionably state and agree that these globalised powers have been in existence for a long time, and have been behind most wars and revolutions since at least the French revolution – also playing a prominent role in starting, and benefited from the two world wars of the last century as well.


Defeating this crazed, oppressive plan

None of us mortal clay people are perfect of course (as far as I know at least). But where you can, delight in morality, justice and your nation. Don’t swallow all the propaganda that’s being pumped out in the media endlessly, or accept the endless attacks on our humanity, our freedoms, our human rights and the norms of civilization. Keep an open mind and think for yourself. Be self-sufficient and help your family, neighbours, society, and your country to be as self-sufficient as possible – in food, goods, energy, skills and safety and security in general. As previosuly alluded to, also look at how debt free money creation could free your country or even your local community from crippling debt enslavement so beloved of the globalists and their tiresome control freakery.

Consider the vital spiritual element to all of this. Research and discuss these things with family and people you know if possible. Our politicians, in general, do not seem to be enlightened enough to understand what’s really going on in the world and have generally failed to warn us and to stop the slithering globalists from gaining such power. So unless you’re able to convince your local representative politician otherwise and that they’ll start to speak out against global totalitarianism, these politicians will sadly generally become pointless. Democracy and the party system as we know it has become utterly corrupt, complacent, complicit and controlled as well and needs to be totally re thought. The same applies to the corrupted mainstream media and news outlets who stopped being able to stand for truth, or to scrutinise or hold any true power to account a long time ago – they are not only defunct by now – they are a danger to the future of humanity and civilisation.

But it’s at least worth trying to put pressure on your politicians and wake them up to the truth that they must understand and act upon if they are to serve any purpose for society. And if your local or national politicians are not prepared to consider and act on the evidence that is out there, stand yourself or encourage your friends to stand – it doesn’t matter how popular you are – the important thing is to fight for the good, for truth and for civilisation and to try and commandeer this and any other ship and point them towards calm seas and quiet bays rather than rocky shores. All the main systems around us are rotten. We have to start all of them again. And we must defeat the barbarians at our doors once more.

Ephesians 6:12 – “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” King James Version (KJV)



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