Piers Corbyn debunks ‘climate change’ hysteria and states that CO2 is a result of warming not a cause

Physicist and weather expert Piers Corbyn challenges sicentists to prove that CO2 is cause of warming and dismisses climate change hysteria

The video, filmed in Hyde Park where the speakers corner has become one of the only places left in London where free speech and free thought are allowed, sees Piers Corbyn challenge the scientific establishment to open and frank scientific debate about climate change and man’s effects on the environment.

Corbyn, himslef an environmentalist, covers a great deal of subjects in the videos and implore speople to listen, debate and look at the ectual evidence instead of making political statements – he goes on to state how he believes the IPCC is driven by political impetus , not scientific or environmental impetus based on real evidence, and challenges those involved to a scientifcic debate.

Towards the end of the video, the discussion is slightly derailed by another speaker who bizarelly tries to conflate Mr Corbyn’s scienitific evidence based discussion with anti semitism.

Below is another video of Piers discussing the issue on the This week programme.


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