5G mobile technology towers appear to be being burned down all over the world

It appears that 5G towers are being burned down across the world as people’s concerns about the technology keep growing.

There are reports of towers being burned down across Britain as well as the Netherlands, USA, China and Nigeria to name but a few countries.

An international appeal to stop 5G has been signed by over 268,000 scientists, doctors, environmental organizations and citizens from 213 countries so far. The appeal cites the thousands of peer-reviewed scientific studies on the alleged affects of  such technology and the serious concerns regarding their potential harmful effects on human health and the environment.  Those behind the appeal add that “there is abundant evidence of harm to diverse plant and wildlife”.

There’s also an increased amount of concern about 5G mobile technology due to substantial worries about an increased, over zealous monitoring and surveillance state and a claimed potentially oppressive ‘smart grid ‘internet of things’.

5G is also being banned in a growing number of towns, cities and countries all over the world. For a full list see here.

Below is a selection of clips of the towers that appear to be being burned down in various countries. The first of these is from a few years ago and is believed to be the first known incident of its kind.

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