Unelected billionaire Bill Gates suggests sinister plan that, unless we are widely vaccinated, basic rights ‘might not come back at all’

The video below shows Bill Gate’s vision for re-opening the world post #COVID19. Gates bizzarely appears to propose that basic rights might be restored based on possible mass vaccination status. He also suggest that unless people are ‘widely vaccinated’, mass gathering (religious, entertainment, sports) ‘may not come back at all’. 


At one point in the video, appearing to allude to his attempts at enforced vaccinations, Gates says “Awareness of this is a threat”.

A recent Washington Times article by excellently exposes Gates and the conflict of interest he has in trying to obsessively enforce vaccinations around the globe even though he is unelected and isn’t a democratically elected representative in any government.
In the article, suggests the scale of billionaire Gates’ influence over the World Health Organisation – an organisation who’s policy, claims, Gates ‘practically controls’ through being one of its biggest funders.
Chumley writes:

“At the same time, though, Gates is one of the largest funders of the World Health Organization, one of the forefront agencies to warn, advise and counsel governments of the globe on matters pertinent to epidemics and pandemics. On matters pertinent to the WHO-declared pandemic.

But WHO didn’t always see the coronavirus as a pandemic.

As a matter of fact, WHO didn’t announce the coronavirus as a pandemic until the very day after Gates — who had wished for some time that WHO would declare the coronavirus a pandemic — well, until the very day after Gates made a very large donation to a cause that benefits WHO.”

Chumley goes on:

“The fate of a hard-earned dream shouldn’t rest with a globalist billionaire who’s warning of dire coronavirus consequences to come — all the while making hands-over-fist coronavirus money, all the while holding top dog status in one of the very agencies tasked with sounding alarms on global health crises.

It’s a conflict of interest. At the least, it perceives that way.”

Chumley added on Gates:

“He then added that the impacts of the new coronavirus could linger another 18 months or so, until a vaccine was developed…”

It’s believed that the key players in the global vaccination programme are:

  1. The World Health Organization
  2. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  3. PATH (Program for Appropriate Technology in Health, funded by the Gates’ foundation), and
  4. GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, also funded by the Gates’ foundation)

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation recently came under fire from critics in India due to the foundation funding two entities that have played a key role in a controversial immunization programme there, where a vaccine was administered to thousands of girls aged between nine and 15.

There are also increased reports about the ID2020 programme which is a globalist proposal for everyone to have an unique and trackable ‘digital wallet’ attributed to them which would include their vaccination status.

Main photo by OnInnovation under CC BY 2.0 licence

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