Concerns over 5G towers springing up all over Britain and the rest of the world during the corona lockdown

Concerned citizens are filming what seem to be a great deal of new 5G towers springing up all over Britain and other parts of the world during the corona lockdown period

The towers emit powerful electromagnetic radio freequency radiation signals for the next generation of smart phones and proposed ‘smart grid technology cities’.

It isn’t clear whether there’s an increased amount of towers being put up at this time of lockdown or whether their presence is more noticeble due to no one else being allowed out and very little other activity happening in public.

There’s an increased amount of concern about 5G technology due to substantial worries about an attempt being made at an increased survelliance state. There are also serious concerns regarding their potential harmful effects on human health and the environment.

An international appeal to stop 5G has been signed by 228,676  scientists, doctors, environmental organizations and citizens from 211 nations and territories as of April 7th, 2020. There are also reported to be over 10,000 peer reviewed papers on the dangers of elecromagnetic radio frequency which includes 5G technology.

It’s also been widely reported that insurance companies have refused to insure health claims made against  ‘wi-fi’, and EMF/Electomagnetic technologies which includes 5G and cell phone transmissions. This leaves a great deal of uncertainty as to who exactly is liable for any new potential claims made for damage to health and the environment from these new 5G masts especially.

Due to health concerns, 5G towers have been stopped in Brussels, Geneva and other parts of Switzerland, in Russia, in various parts of England, Ireland, Australia and the USA and in countless other countries all over the world. For a full list of places around the world see here.

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