‘Fake , fake, It’s all fake’ – Video appears to show quarantined residents in China heckling officials in coronoavirus city

Videos posted online by an unknown citizen appear to show a top Chinese official, Sun Chunlan, being heckled by residents as she inspected a neighbourhood where residents are quarantined because of what is being called coronavirus.

Residents appear to shout ‘fake, fake, it’s all fake’ from their windows as the official and her team inspect the area.

Vice-premier Sun Chunlan was in the Qingshan district of Wuhan. All residential compounds in Wuhan have been under lockdown since February. The wider province of Hubei excluding the capital recorded no new cases for the first time during the outbreak, authorities said on Friday.

It’s not understood what the protestors are implying in saying ‘it’s all fake’ with many different interpretations being given to the protesting voices.

The Tap news wire have covered the story and the outbreak with scepticism suggesting that the UK media is over reacting with hysteria and ‘struggling to get the virus going at all’ in the UK. The Guardian newspaper reports that a great deal of the discontent in China is due to public concern about the slow official reaction to the outbreak. Other news outlets such as China’s national English language newspaper,Global news  and Radio Free Asia (as seen in the video above) have also covered the story.







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