Dig For Victory! Welsh Food Grower With Over 180,000 Subscribers Shows Wales the Way

Huw’s Nursery, the online You Tube channel promoting organic, inexpensive sustainable food growing, is proving to be hugely popular, with currently over 181,000 thousand subscribers and each video often getting hundreds of thousands of views

Created and presented by Huw Richards of Tregaron, Huw’s Nursery is a channel that dedicates itself to teaching you how to grow an abundance of organic food at your home, whether you are in a rural or more urban environment. Videos are uploaded every week and cover a vast range of subjects including; soil health, sowing, transplanting, weeding, organic tips, permaculture, pest control, harvesting and low maintenance growing to name a few. Huw posted his first video at the age of 12 and his videos have become increasingly poular since then.

With food sovereignty, food security and genuine food sustainability becoming an increasingly important area it’s likely that Huw’s channel and others like it will continue to grow in their popularity.

To subscribe to Huw’s channel and his other social media go here:




The channel is sponsored by organic seed experts ‘The Organic Gardening Catalogue‘, and by toolmakers ‘Bulldog tools

Main image by Huw’s Nursery

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