Schoolgirls Revolt Over Enforced ‘Gender Neutral’ Uniform Madness

Schoolgirls are revolting after they and their parents were locked out of school because the girls want to wear skirts and refuse to wear trousers as ‘gender neutral’ uniforms

Officials at the Priory School in Lewes, England say that everyone wearing the same uniform will ‘instil a sense of equality among the students.’

In what demonstrates the growing insanity of political correctness, girls who ignored the new policy and wore skirts were banned from entering the school. Police officers were then called during the protest to help prevent girls who were wearing skirts from gaining access to school premises.

Commentators say that the discriminatory school policy of enforcing ‘gender neutrality’ on the girls, and refusing them their option to express their gender through their choice of uniform, contravenes their human rights as women. Many are also calling for the school to be investigated for discrimination and for denying the female students the education to which they are entitled.


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