Stormzy: Another Tool Of The Establishment? Video asks difficult questions about the ‘anti establishment’ media figure being pushed by the establishment he espouses to undermine

A video by You Tuber Morgoth’s Review asks some difficult questions about rap artist Stormzy and the role that the establishment he espouses to undermine, plays in actively promoting him

Stormzy, real name Michael Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr, is a rap and grime artist from Croydyn London who’s had a great deal of success with his music in recent years, also being heavily promoted by Radio 1 and the London media including The Guardian newspaper and others.

The video asks some very searching questions and suggests that many of his fans, perhaps the middle class white ones seen at Glastonbury especially, are well meaning dupes who believe they are somehow involved in edgy anti establishmentism but are rather involved in more social engineering orchestrated or facilitated by the very establishment they think they are riling against.

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One of the commentators on the You Tube video, Adam Byrne,  states “when track 1 is about being oppressed by the police and track 2 is about selling drugs and violently attacking people”

This type of controlled opposition and anti establishmentism versus the establishment is often described as the Hegelian dialectic ‘trick’ of having two or more apparently opposing forces conflicting with each other in order to create a synthesis or outcome (see also the farce of the corporate/globalist supported Extinction rebellion ‘movement’). The hoped for outcome in this case possibly being more discontent, polarisation and tensions between races and social groups in Britain’s urban areas especially.

Morgoth’s review states this is just more social justice indoctrination. He adds that those blaming the establishment and a lack of money being spent on urban youth for the fact that a disproportionate amount of mostly young black men are involved in knife crime, is absurd. Official stats blatantly show that, for whatever reason, a disproportionate amount of mostly young black men are indeed involved in knife crime. It’s unlikely that a lack of ping pong tables is responsible for this. The problem is likely to be far mor deep rooted.

Those daring to question the agenda behind those promoting artists such as Stormzy and expressing rational concerns and a need for fair but honest dialogue about what’s going on in England’s urban areas especially, are shouted down by those brainwashed and lost to politically correct hysteria and identity politics indoctrination.

These are the same, usually white ‘progressive’ people, who will try to say that criticising people who happen to be non white is inherent and blatant racism. A weird, slightly creepy infantilizing form of reverse racism it could be claimed that suggests that these self appointed progressives somehow see themselves as guardians of all non white people who they seem to believe are one big monolith that desperately need them for their protection, moral guidance and public mediation – an affliction otherwise known as white saviour syndrome.

Stormzy is also a public face of the new EE campaign to roll out the 5G mobile phone tower/transmitter technology all over Britain – a corporate, global establishment technology that has serious health and environmental concerns and which many cities and countries around the world are now actively working to ban because of these concerns.

Perhaps artists like Stormzy are also unwitting dupes in all of this as well? It wouldn’t be the first time a successful artist was manipulated by the system and by globalist interests in order to bring about social enginnering and deliberate social upheavel. Or perhaps many artists just want to make their money whilst they can and have no moral objection to go along with whatever’s put in front of them, especially if it’s cleverly sold to them as something that’s down with the cause and ‘giving it to the man’.


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