11 quick reminders why the EU is bad and not democratic at all (and Westminster is equally as bad)

by Gruffydd Meredith

1. The EU was started and supported by internationalist bankers right from the very start.

2. Robert Schumann, Jean Monnet and the international bankers who started it, stated from the start that the EU was to be a centralised supranational body.

3. The EU’s first founding president of  the highest body of the EU, the EU Commission, was Walter Hallstein – a prominent law professor under the Nazis. How was it possible that such a man could become the “founding father” of the Brussels EU?

4. Those involved with setting up the EU were also affiliated and working in parallel with Count Coudenhove-Kalergi – he of the maniacal Kalergi plan to destroy all the peoples and nations of Europe through mass enforced migration from outside of Europe – a plan that has allegedly been rebranded and updated as ‘Replacement Migration’ which calls for at least 56 million people from outside of Europe to be enforced to move to Europe by 2050 and, as the name suggests, to literally eventually replace the existing indegenous peoples of Europe. Sadly none of these are conspiracy theories but rather documented and published plans supported by the UN, EU and globalist financial elite. The charmers.

5. According to groups such as the Corporate European Observatory (CEO), the corporate lobbyists in Brussels have very significant and disproportionate influence on new legislation, with 80-90% of those attending legislation discussion meetings often being corporate lobbyists, and with a number of these meetings also having no public representatives or groups representing public interests at all.

(picture by ihearteu)

6. We hear a lot of nonsense talk about ‘far right’, ‘hard right’, fascism, and dangerous authoritarianism directed at those who want to leave the EU. You cannot get much more far right, authoritarian and neo-liberal than the ideology that’s sitting behind the EU. It’s essentially  a corporatocracy and politburo at the top which manages and dictates to us the plebs of Europe as a communistic controlled block underneath. This is also the model for global governance. Government controlled by corporations are also the very definition of corporate fascism.

7. MEP’s do not represent the countries or parties that people voted for in the first place – rather they are lumped in with totally new parties established by the EU who no one has ever heard of and no one has voted for.

8. MEP’s can never form their own democratic government within the EU as it is the EU Commission who is the permanent government – something that can’t be changed. This also means that the EU is not a democratic body.

9. The EU is not a democracy. The EU Commission, which sits at the top of the EU as the legislative body, is appointed not elected. It’s only the undemocratic EU Commission who can create new legislation. Any other legislation suggested by parliament members has to be allowed by the EU Commission before it becomes legislation

10. With no democratic mandate from the people of the countries involved, the EU (and Westminster) is in the process of creating an EU army which will become fact if not stopped. This is what our grandfathers and countless millions of people fought and died to stop from happening in Europe in the 1930’s and 40’s.

11. Guy Verhofstadt



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