Man fined £90 for disorderly behaviour for refusing to accept facial recognition technology

The man was fined £90 and forced to have his picture taken after covering his face whilst walking past a facial recognition van in East London

In what many would describe as classic Orwellian double speak, Ivan Balhatchet, Covert and Intelligence Lead of the Met Police said “We ought to work to explore all technology to see how it can keep people safer….and what we’re trying to do with these trails is to try and understand (people’s concerns) better so that we can protect human rights…. ”

A video by BBC Click can be seen here

(From BBC Click video)

Several UK police forces have been trialling the technology including attempts in Cardiff. Ed Bridges, a former Lib Dem councillor in Cardiff has threatened South Wales Police with legal action if it doesn’t stop using facial recognition technology, stating it “violates privacy rights of everyone within range of the cameras, has a chilling effect on peaceful protest, discriminates against women and BAME people, and breaches data protection laws”.

(Main photo from BBC Click video)

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