5G – What is this beast and how can it be stopped?

by Gruffydd Meredith

The introduction of the latest network for mobile phones and wireless 5G technology will begin this year. The work begins in Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh and London and then the network will expand to other areas of Britain in 2020 to coincide with the wider availability of 5G phones in general

The ‘ G ‘ stands for Generation as the technology is considered by some as the ‘ next generation ‘ of mobile communication and the technology is expected to offer internet speeds several times faster than the current 4G network, as well as being able to support more devices on the network and reduce delays.

But according to numerous others, this is a dangerous milestone. Over 240 doctors from 40 countries have demanded that authorities stop any further developments until a full investigation has been done in to the impact of the technology on the health and fertility of people, as well as its effect on numbers of bees and birds and on the environment in general.

This followed similar reports by scientists and doctors across the world over the years about the possible effects of such technology.

Photo by Ervins Strauhmanis via CC BY 2.0 licence

According to the research I’ve done, in its simplest form the technology is microwave technology on a massive scale – and perhaps we, the people of the world, are the peas and carrots on a plate, and the masts around us are the giant microwave which is slowly cooking us.

There are a large number of independent experts not associated with government grants or corporate funding that believe that the technology known as RF-EMF (radio-frequency electromagnetic fields), affects health by causing damage to DNA and cells of the body, affects the ability of the immune system to function properly and causes lack of fertility.

It’s also alleged that such technology can affect and kill wildlife and can even cause the Earth’s magnetic field to change.

The European health organization EUROPAEM (European Academy for Environmental Medicine) has also confirmed that there are concerns about the dangers that arise from the technology.

The Council of Europe, World Health Organization, International Agency for UK Trades Exactly Congress (TUC), European Environment Agency, International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety and an increasing number of countries around the world such as Russia, Germany and Israel have also called for control and for more research into the technology, with calls for wireless technology to be actively banned from their schools.

The technology that makes 5G possible becomes more powerful as it evolves, from 2G to 3G, 4G and 5G, and with  politicians, like parrots, fond of calling for the expansion of the technology without considering the potential implications on health and on the environment.

And as the technology develops, it’s assumed that there is potential for even more powerful versions in the future – 6G, 7G, etc – unless they are stopped that is.

Photo by Goodtiming8 871 via CC BY-SA 4.0

There is no substantive research in to the long term impact of 5G technology on health and on the environment, which is contrary to the ‘precautionary principle’ both scientificly and morally. 5G also comes at a time where we are hearing increased talk about ‘SMART cities’, namely technology to coordinate and connect as many devices  as possible wirelessly, with the Web and with endless other digital networks in cities in particular.

A report by the University of Surrey titled ‘5G White paper: Meeting the Challenge of Universal Coverage, Reach and Reliability in the Coming 5G Era’ also raises serious questions about the possible connection between 5G wireless technology and the recent campaigns to cut thousands of trees in Britain.

The paper by Surrey University suggests that trees over a special height can be a barrier to the 5G wireless service that is to be transferred by the masts we see  increasingly in our towns and cities, and that therefore the trees – most of them archaic/historical trees that have been there for decades and more – need to be cut.

The Welsh Government can lead the way for the rest of the world by putting a moratorium on 5G development and doing independent research into the technology behind 5G. More information can be viewed and signed a petition to stop international 5 g by going to www/5gappeal



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