The mainstream media and forced vaccines programme: Rather than try to change our minds, please listen to our concerns

by Magda Taylor

Rather than try to change our minds – please listen to our concerns. Most people, including doctors and scientists ‘believe’ in vaccination due to their assumption that the procedure is based on sound science. However those who independently study vaccination are being denied a voice.

Whether due to a family tragedy or from studying health, vaccine investigators come from all walks of life and what they find most ‘baffling’ is the lack of solid scientific facts surrounding this subject. We are a growing number of people worldwide concerned that the ever-increasing vaccine schedule is responsible for the ever-increasing health problems, both mentally and physically, we are now witnessing particularly in the younger generations.

Theories behind vaccination are far from facts and vast amounts of evidence indicate these products are ineffective and potentially injurious, even fatal, and not responsible for the huge decline in disease over the last two centuries.

Name-calling and shouting down our concerns by mainstream media, the authorities, even the WHO, is shutting down any form of sensible discussion. We share the common goal of good health for all, and vaccine questioners welcome proper independent investigation and discussion.

Bully tactics, censorship and mandatory laws will result in a medical dictatorship – with the eradication of freedom of choice along with good health!

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(Main photo by Burry Times)

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