Welsh Stone Carver Ieuan Rees becomes unintentional ASMR sensation with over 1.7 million hits online

Stone carver Ieuan Rees has become an internet hit after a video of him carving and sharing his wisdom has become an unintentional ASMR hit

ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) is described as a calming, pleasurable feeling often accompanied by a tingling sensation in response to stimulation which can include brushing, chewing, tapping, scratching, whispering, or crinkling. Or stone carving. The video by Artisan Media retitled ‘Unintentional ASMR – Welsh Stone Carver (Tapping Gently & Sharing Wisdom)’ has so far had 1,736,098 views on You Tube.

Ieuan Rees, based in Ammanford, Carmarthenshire, is regarded as one of Wales’ best and most versatile artists/craftsmen in the fields of lettering, letter carving, calligraphy, architectural lettering and graphic communication. He has worked on vellum, stone, glass, wood and metal. He has lectured and held workshops all over Britain, the USA, and in Sydney, Australia.

Thus far there are over 1,400 comments on the video expressing their admiration for Ieuan Rees and his work. Brian Douglas states “I love this man’s voice. It’s like listening to the Welsh Bob Ross. Fantastic ASMR. Thanks for the upload.”

Another, Taylor Beckett says “This wasn’t asmr for me. I couldn’t sleep because I was so interested in what he was saying.”

Bastian B proclaims “I would be fine dying while this man holds my hand and talks to me.”



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